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Clutch Highlights A.Y. Technologies as Favoured Canadian App Development Company

The mobile app industry is expanding at an incredible rate and even financial forecasters speculate that it will double over the next four years. In fact, global mobile app store revenue reached $41.1B in 2015 and is projected to skyrocket to $101.1B by 2020. With such fierce competition and app technology advancing at the speed of light, B2B research companies like Clutch play an important role in recognizing reputable companies.

We are proud to announce that we at A.Y. Tech have been chosen as one of the top Canadian Java developers in a recent Clutch review.

Clutch is unique in that it guides businesses in their search to find the best digital resources to meet their specific technological needs. With thorough questionnaires and verified client reviews, Clutch ensures that only the best and most credible companies make it on their list. The reviews and interviews are mostly conducted over phone which ensures a higher degree of confidence and genuine feedback.

We’ve had a few of our clients review us on Clutch so far and we will be using it more. You can read those reviews on our Clutch profile but here is an example:

A.Y. Technologies Clutch Profile

“A.Y. Technologies has fantastic project management. We meet with them a number of times per week, going over our status and where we need to go. A.Y. Technologies is candid in detailing the usage of resources. Everything from development to UI/UX design and troubleshooting is taken care of within our plan.”

Anyone who has gone through the process of creating a front-end and backend platform from scratch knows it is a long process that has the potential to go wrong. If you don’t have good communication with your developers and designers, projects can end up being an expensive nightmare. On the other hand, knowledgeable developers who listen and abide by deadlines and budgets are worth their weight in gold. That is exactly how we achieved a valued contender for Clutch’s list of leading app developers in Canada. “Based on my previous experience with other developers during other iterations, A.Y. Technologies’ team stands out through their genuine interest in the finished product. Beyond being just a transaction, their investment comes from a personal standpoint,” explains a current client who uses us on an ongoing basis.

We are excited to receive the attention that we have worked so hard to earn and in such a short time. We love meeting with our customers and then creating mobile and web apps to address their specific needs that help them to accomplish their goals. We believe that strong communication and rapid iteration combined with powerful, effective apps make us stand out in the crowd. We will continue to do our best so that our clients can be at their best.

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