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We’re expanding… again!

When I started A.Y. Technologies I never thought that we would be expanding so fast with no inbound or outbound marketing. In the past 5 months we grew to 5 full-time employees, we got our office in downtown Vancouver and now we are expanding again. All of that thank to my wonderful network who referred new clients to us.

All of that aside, we have to deal with growing pains once again. Last time we were looking to hire, we decided to try a new approach and hire by code. We got a lot of positive feedback as well as great hires out of that. That’s why we are trying that one more time.

Do you know people that can code and are eager to learn? Someone with the itch for new technologies and beautiful designs? Send this link to them and see if they can figure it out:


Amin Yazdani

Amin Yazdani

Director of Technology at A.Y. Technologies
Founder of A.Y. Technologies, Amin is formerly Senior Software Architect at Dun & Bradstreet and Solutions Engineer at Indicee. He has a wealth of experience and understanding of the software and applications industry, particularly as it pertains to cloud computing, and web application solutions.
Amin Yazdani

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