The Power of Software Flexibility

Have you ever tried to compare features of 2 different providers, or 2 different services of the same provider? Ever feel exhausted and confused? How many times have you chosen a more expensive premium plan just because of a single feature, and never used any other premium features? I have done that many times and it doesn’t feel right.

In this day and age where cloud computing is bringing ultimate flexibility to all our computing needs, wouldn’t it be nice to have the same level of flexibility in our software and services too?

That’s why with Mailograph flexibility is one of our core values. You should have the ultimate flexibility when dealing with your email marketing and marketing automation needs. Instead of putting a huge price tag for a full stack service, you get to choose the few features that you would actually use.

Bundling the most important/usable feature with bunch of other not-so-useful features is a very well known strategy. You can see it everywhere, from retail to online shops to SaaS providers. Everyone is trying to “bundle” or “package” their services or products. They bundle a shaving gels they can’t sell with perfumes; or home phone service with Internet service.

Insurance is another good example. When I was shopping for home insurance a few month ago, I called two brokers and they sent me their quotes. Both packages had coverages for many things that I didn’t need. For example one of them had $30,000 coverage for home appliances, but all my appliances together are not even worth $10,000. When I asked them to not include the extras, I got one answer: That’s the package and they couldn’t change it. I had to pay more money for the extras that I couldn’t have used, even if I wanted to.

SaaS companies are doing this too.
They bundle 5,10 or even 20 features together and put a price tag on the bundle 10 to 20 times the value of their most useful feature. You, as the customer, have no choice but to give in or give up. You either want one or more of their features so bad that you are willing to pay the hefty price, or you can’t afford it which means you can’t use the features you really need.

SaaS companies should know better. We are using the benefits of flexibility each and every day. We can choose the exact computing resources we want and pay for that only when we use them. Why not pass the benefits to our customers too?

There is still one question to address: “What if nobody wants the feature that we have spent so much time and money developing?” The answer is simple: If nobody wants it now, it wasn’t a feature worth developing. It is the company’s fault for not consulting the customers before investing in that feature. If you listen to your customers carefully you can easily hear what they want and you can build exactly that.

If you build a feature worth spending money on and price it fairly, customers will buy that no questions asked.



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