React Native Meetup Hack Night Vancouver

Community Report: React Native Meetup Hack/Mentor Night #1

Last Thursday I attended our second meetup for the React Native meetup group hosted at Bench Accounting’s new offices. The meetup format was a hack/mentor night where people were welcome to come with an idea or interest involving the framework. We all had an opportunity to discuss our passion with fellow React Native users or ask for advice from mentors that have had more experience with the ever-growing framework.

React Native Meetup Hack Night Vancouver

Special thanks to Andrew Lee for taking great pics of the event

The night started with a short segment to help those that were less familiar with React Native or were interested in a specific area regarding the use of the framework. A list of useful resources were provided targeting specific areas found below:

Getting Started:


Examples: Native Meetup Hack Night Vancouver




React Native Meetup Hack Night Vancouver

To cap off before starting the hack night, the floor was opened to those that were willing to share their experience with React Native and what they were presently working on. People were welcome to ask for support in their struggles with their current project or offer a helping hand if they had more experience.

A range of different ideas were shared. From a beginner’s standpoint, a new React Native user was working on creating an app to share his location with family and friends while he travels. Additionally, from more experienced users, ideas and current projects were shared which included exploring popular React Native router libraries, integrating Relay and GraphQL, and exporting designs in Sketch into a format to integrate into a React Native app.

As a React Native newbie myself, talking to fellow users helped motivate me even more to learn and gain experience using this framework and even create my own project.

Looking forward to the next meetup, React Native Talks, on April 18th!


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