React Native Vancouver: April Talk Night

This Tuesday we had our React Native April Talk Night at BuildDirect’s office in downtown Vancouver. We had 100 people RSVP for the event and we had a great turnout. We had a 2 hours packed event.

Talk 1: Tackling Higher Order Component in React Native

Presented by Eric Kim and based on his previous blog post, Eric talked about High Order Components (HOC) in React Native, what they are and 4 different use cases of HOC in React Native:

  1. Injecting LifeCycle
  2. Injecting State
  3. Injecting Components
  4. Injecting Style

He finished his talk by introducing Renderless Components and how they can allows us to create a component that automatically cleans itself when the parent component unmounts.

If you are interested, here is Eric’s presentation deck.

Talk 2: React Native: The Escape Hatch

Presented by Mateo Barraza, we learned more about steps you need to take to be able to integrated your React Native app with iOS Native modules. He divided the process in 7 different steps and showed us the process step by step.

  • Using callbacks
  • Using promises
  • Using the event emmiter
  • Vending UIViews
  • Using the bridge view registry when dealing with multiple views.

Lightning Talks

Lightning talks are always exciting. We had 3 lightning talks that were very engaging and not only showed us how the community is doing in Vancouver, but also give us more insight on how we can use React Native the best.

Lightning Talk 1: Incrementally adopt React Native

Stephen Laughton talked about how Invoice Simple is taking the incremental adoption route to use React Native. How showed us their approach, challenges they faced and how they overcame those challenges. He also talked about next steps in their approach and what they expect next.

Lightning Talk2: React Native & MobX

We had a special guest presented in our meetup: Sunki Baek joined us from Korea. He talked about best practices of using React Native and MobX.

Lightning Talk 3: Sharing Code between React and React Native

Scott Domes talked about how MuseFind is using React and React Native and how they approached code sharing between the two. He told us about the common issues you would face when approaching this problem and what they learned so far.

Next meetups:

We are still in the process of scheduling next Hack Night in May and next Talk Night in June. We will post the links to those at the bottom of this post as well.

Credit for the feature photo goes to  Anthony Chu of BuildDirect


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