Tech Startups: A Non-Technical Guide

Tech Startups: A Non-Technical Guide

A guide to get your idea off the ground, no coding required.

UX Research and Prototyping E-Book

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This book demystifies topics like funding, MVPs, pricing models and more.

After reading you will know:

· What is a Lean Canvas and why create one?

· The importance of Product/Market fit

· Testing your target market

· What an MVP is and why it’s valuable

· How your Pricing Model positions you in the market

· What contributes to the true cost of building an app?

· How to build a mobile app

· How to fund your startup


Amin Yazdani

Amin Yazdani

Director of Technology at A.Y. Technologies
Founder of A.Y. Technologies, Amin is formerly Senior Software Architect at Dun & Bradstreet and Solutions Engineer at Indicee. He has a wealth of experience and understanding of the software and applications industry, particularly as it pertains to cloud computing, and web application solutions.
Amin Yazdani

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