UX Research and Prototyping Book

E-Book Guide to: UX Research & Prototyping

Learn how to put the best UX principles into practice.

UX Research and Prototyping E-Book


These articles break down the key principles of UX research and design

After reading this ebook, you will know:

· The most effective UX research methodologies

· How personas work and how to create them

· What a user journey map is and how to create one

· How prototyping works and different fidelities

· The UX Do’s and Don’ts list that every good designer should know


Lesley Anderson

Lesley Anderson

UX/UI Designer at A.Y. Technologies
Lesley is a caffeine dependent life-form with an eye for pixel perfection. Her skill set is varied, including user experience design, user interface design, creative strategy and content creation. She helps clients discover the behaviours and expectations of their audiences and opportunities for lasting impressions.
Lesley Anderson

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