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About Us:

A.Y. Technologies is a software development firm that helps startups and entrepreneurs when they are starting or growing their tech-enabled business. We make complex software development processes easier to understand for the entrepreneurs. By helping them make better decisions they will increase the chance of ultimate success and reduce the risk of failure.

A.Y. Technologies’ main focus is on agile product development of web and mobile apps, REST APIs design, and scalable cloud infrastructure architecture.

We also take our own ideas to build new products, as a result, we built Craver Solutions, a mobile app platform for the restaurant industry, revolutionizing the way restaurants build and use mobile apps to increase their revenue and efficiency.

Work isn’t about filling a chair or punching a clock. It’s your career and you invest a lot of yourself in it, which is why it’s important that it be the right match.

Located a block from the skytrain in the heart of downtown Vancouver, making your commute easy

We have flexible hours, get in early to beat the traffic or you can sleep if you’re not a morning person

We offer support for relevant training and conference participation

We pay quarterly and an annual bonus and offer stock options

We have a generous benefits package including prescription drug coverage, massage & dental


We celebrate you! We’re a diverse team, who cares about each other’s success

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