Craver: Mobile Apps for Your Restaurant

Give your customer the gift of convenience and build your restaurant’s mobile app with Craver platform

“We had a great experience with A.Y. Technologies building the Pizza Garden mobile app. They have a very responsive and professional team. We were able to work together and build an app that’s right for Pizza Garden. Our customers are very excited about our app and use it every day.”
Kubilay Demirel
Owner & Franchisor of Pizza Garden

Full Service Restaurants

Give your customers convenience of paying at their table or order from their table. Rewards, Gift Cards and much more.


Mobile Ordering at your customer’s finger tips. Order for delivery or pickup, with customization, half & half, fully tailored to Pizzerias.

Cafes & Coffee Shops

Let your loyal customers skip the line when they are in rush, ordering with the mobile app. Convenience for them, their loyalty for you.

Some of our Customers

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