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We Make Software Development Uncomplicated

That’s why our clients have increased chance of success

What does it mean?

Software Development is a complex process that requires many moving parts working together in harmony for a piece of “usable” software to be produced. The complexity of this process is usually the source of surprises and inefficiencies in projects which result is delayed deliveries and cost overruns. These inefficiencies and surprises can be reduced if decisions are made with a better understanding of the software development process and their impact on the project.

We help key decision makers of a software project make better decisions by making the software development uncomplicated. Understanding each moving part and how that impacts the overall project will give them the insight to reduce the risks of the project.

Using our unique approach to software development, which is a mixture of lean software development and agile processes, we can deliver projects on time and on budget with fewest surprises possible. This enables us to increase the success rate of software projects.

“I dealt with 2 other companies before working with A.Y. Technologies, and I had horrible experiences with both. The other firms told me that my goals weren’t possible, but A.Y. Technologies told us they’d find a way that was cost-effective. It’s been nice to work with them.”
Shirzad Entezari
Owner of Sorat Wheels

Our Philosophy

In today’s fast-paced environment, everyone is trying to get faster and faster. In software development this approach is resulting in projects that start without the clear picture of the goals and the scope of the projects. This leads to failures for the project and the companies involved in it.

We believe these type of failures are easily preventable if the projects are slowed down to start and planned accordingly. We believe there are other important aspects of software development that if neglected can make software that are “unusable”. They will be either to expensive to build, or too expensive to run and maintain. Using the right approach, we can build efficient and maintainable software.

Qualified Team of Experts

  • Our senior engineers and architects have been developing software for more than 15 years. They have seen many ways software development can be done wrong and can use that experience in recognizing risky situations.
  • Managing teams and projects throughout their career showed them how timely decisions can make teams more effective and projects successful.
  • Unlike a lot of other development firms that just see projects from a technical point of view, we’ve been involved in projects from the ideation to customer success.
  • We understand that a successful projects is more than just its features.
  • We understand Usability, User Experience Design, Customer Journey and related factors that our usually missed in by technical firms.
  • We also understand Scalability, Performance and Security and have helped startups with their strategy, approach and implementations.
  • Being a small company allows us to be agile in our interactions with clients and their projects. We can turn around feature requests and bug fixes much faster than our competition which means we can deliver products to markets faster and more reliably.
“We appreciated A.Y. Tech’s willingness to tackle the challenge with as much vigor as they did. It was a big, unknown task to be performed in a short timeframe and we valued their eagerness in taking it on.”
Matt Toner
CEO of Biba Ventures
Matt Toner CEO of Biba Ventures

Meet the Team

Amin Yazdani

Director of Technology

Amin Yazdani is a software architect and the director of technology of A.Y. Technologies Inc. Amin has more than 15 years of experience with software development and 5 years of experience with software architecture and design. He is an advocate of the new wave of software development and operation management (DevOps) and has been a volunteer and organizer of DevOpsDays Vancouver for the past 3 years. He has a B.Sc. degree in Software Engineering from the Sharif University of Technology and an M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University.


Seyed (Roohi) Moosavi

Lead Software Architect

Roohi has B.Sc and M.Sc degrees in Software Engineering from the Sharif University of Technology. He has over 14 years of experience with Software Development and Software Architecture in Banking/Financial Industries. He likes innovation in software development and one of his major hobbies is working on the creation of software development frameworks.

Hossein (TJ) Tajari

Senior Software Developer

Hossein has an M.Sc in Artificial Intelligence & B.Sc in Software Engineering from the Sharif University of Technology in Iran. He brings +15 years of Software Engineering and more than 7 years of app development to our team. He likes learning new technologies and expanding his skills. He enjoys finding bugs and improves code quality. To make a long story short, he is a debugger.

Sebastian Vidal

Software Developer

Sebastian is a 2015 CS graduate from UTFSM Chile with 3 years of experience working as a Full Stack Developer. He’s passionate about the world of technology and its effects on society and daily life. His hobbies include drawing, painting, and looking at cat pictures on the Internet.

Elise Yohm

Software Developer

Elise is a UBC graduate with a BSc in Economics and certificates in Computer Science from SFU and Fullstack Web Development from CodeCore Bootcamp. She’s is passionate about learning new technologies and frameworks and applying them in work and personal projects. In addition to her love for coding languages, she actively studies French and Italian.

Gabriel Lim

Software Developer

Simon Fraser University graduate with a BSc in Computing Science. A self-motivated independent thinker with a strong desire to learn everything and is very receptive to new ideas. Writing software is not just about designing efficient and clean code. It is also about creating unique experiences for the user.


Daniel Park

Software Developer

Daniel is a BCIT graduate in Computer Systems Technology with Distinction. He started off as an intern at A.Y. Technologies and has transitioned to a full-time software developer. He strives to expand his knowledge and skillset as a software developer and has a passion for learning and coding.

Shabnam Ahmadi

Marketing Manager

Shabnam has a degree in criminology and political science. She was working in the public sector in administration and program delivery for several years until recently she decided to switch careers and get into marketing. She is a nature-lover and plant enthusiast. When not at work, you can find her either in the garden or learning a new craft.


Fernanda Meira

UX/UI Designer

Fernanda has over 10 years of experience working in advertising agencies and the corporate field and 3 of years experience working as a UX/UI, web, and graphic designer. She has a post-graduate degree in digital marketing and design and web from ESPM (Brazil) and mobile app design and development from Langara College.


Yiran Guo

Software Developer

Yiran is a 4th-year student at Simon Fraser University pursuing a degree in computer science and currently working at A.Y. Technologies as a Co-op student. His interests in computer science are a full-stack software development and artificial intelligence. In his spare time, he likes to play basketball and guitar.


Narges Aghabeigi

Business Analyst

Narges has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in IT engineering. She has more than eight years of experience as a QA Expert, Project Manager, Product Manager, and Business Analyst. She loves listening to music and watching movies in her spare time. One of her hobbies is to write and she often shares her writings on social media.

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