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Biba Play Tracker uses the smartphones found in every parent’s pocket to unlock new and exciting games every time a family visits the playground. Every gameplay session generates a series of fitness metrics that let parents track their kids’ progress with information that is encrypted, private and 100% secure. The new play tracker app allows parents to see their kids daily activity and what kind of activity, whether it is low, moderate or vigorous exercise.

We worked with Play Biba through our Roadmap Workshop for Startups, creating wireframes, prototypes, and more. Currently the Android version is available for download on Google Play.

Biba Play Tracker
Biba Playtracker

Roadmap Workshop

Our first step with Biba was the Roadmap Workshop for Startups during which we determined the functionality we wanted from the first release of the app. We held discovery meetings and brainstorming sessions to get familiar with the goals of the project and help fill in any missing pieces. Once we determined the priorities of the project and set clear goals for an MVP we were ready to start prototyping.


As part of the Roadmap Workshop, we created a series of wireframes that illustrated all the functionality for the MVP. These wireframes were made in Balsamiq and were then assembled into a clickable prototype.


As part of the initial design phase we asked ourselves who we were designing for. We created a new parent proto-persona to better understand the most likely target audience for the product. Post release, we can re-evaluate the actual usage demographics and adjust our persona accordingly.


High Fidelity Mockups

We created High Fidelity Mockups using Sketch and created another clickable prototype in Invision of the finished MVP design


The app itself was built by React Native, a Javascript framework. We abstracted the common functionalities within the app, built components and layers to modify them into the app’s UI.

We tied into the existing Biba game’s API to sync Biba’s existing game data and generate accurate reporting on game usage as per the requirements of the MVP.

Learning & Outcomes

Biba Play Tracker confronted us with a number of challenges unique to this project. From a design standpoint, we were presented with a particularly challenging onboarding experience as well as the question of how to stay true to the Biba brand while designing an app made for a different demographic – the caregivers. From a development standpoint, we drew on the data from several different games and aggregated that data into relevant data visualizations to empower parents. For us, however, the real tour de force was integrating a Unity Game within React Native for both iOS and Android.

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