Craver is a mobile app platform for restaurants. With this easy to use and flexible platform, restaurants can design, customize, and launch a mobile app for their brand – fast and easy. The restaurants can choose from a wide selection of features that Craver offers such as online ordering, rewards/loyalty, POS integration and etc. depending on their needs. Craver is offered on a monthly subscription which means restaurant owners don’t have to invest a lot of capital upfront in building their app.


Restaurants are seeking a convenient way of improving the customer experience at their locations and online. They want an easy way for customers to place orders while increasing loyalty and reducing their own costs and labor fees associated with taking orders. They need a cost-effective software solution in order to ensure that this process is not limiting their profits.

We can build a flexible mobile app platform that is easy to customize for different brands and can offer a variety of features that the customer can choose from to include in their app. With this platform, we can deliver high-quality apps that are far beyond template apps. The cost, time, and effort required to build an app using Craver is low since we don’t have to build them from scratch. All the apps will be using Craver’s platform behind the scenes.


We want each app to look like it was custom-built for the brand and not like it was built with a template. This is going to be challenging since different restaurants have different needs and require different features. The platform needs to be flexible enough so making it customized for each restaurant would be easy and not require a lot of time and effort.

We also want mobile ordering to be a seamless process for the restaurant’s customers and staff. Therefore, the app needs to be integrated with third-party service providers such as payment processors, point of sale systems, and rewards/loyalty programs. There are hundreds of these types of service providers out there.


Our target market is small to medium size restaurants that are growing. The owners are young, tech-informed, and busy individuals. The restaurants’ customers who are our end-users also have the above characteristics. Based on this we came up with some personas.


To visualize our idea, we started with some sketches. This helped us see how our idea will work in the user interface form. We explored different options with several rounds of sketching to figure out the best design direction. After that, we moved to low fidelity and high fidelity wireframes which helped our development team have a clear idea of what the end results should replicate.


Craver platform allows us to create a completely unique customer experience for each client.


We have solved our challenge by leveraging cutting edge technology in mobile app development and created a highly scalable platform that is very flexible and can integrate with third-party service providers such as payment processors, point of sale systems and rewards/loyalty programs. We have delivered many projects successfully to this date and there are many more to come in the future. One of the things that we are very proud of is the quality of mobile apps that we have built using this Craver’s platform. Our client’s mobile apps all have 4 out of 5 stars rating or higher on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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