Emergency Surgery Booking System

On Time OR is a web-based solution for booking and managing emergency surgeries in a hospital. This system can be used by the surgeons, desk clerks, hospital administration, health authorities or other government related agencies in charge of operations and efficiency of emergency operating rooms. They can use this system to operate, manage and analyze the efficiency of the emergency operating rooms, their staff and surgeons and make appropriate decisions to save time, money and patient lives.


Before we started this project, we held a Roadmap Workshop where we discussed the business plan, technical requirements, features and user stories of the web app. In order to best understand the business opportunity, we facilitated business model canvas discovery sessions in which we dived deep into understanding the opportunity, business model and risks associated with the project. We identified the problem, target market, unique value proposition and the solution. Through the roadmap workshop, we planned for different phases of the project and came up with estimates for costs and timeline of each phase.


After understanding the idea, we came up with a target audience and created specific personas based on that. Through out this process, we kept the end user in mind and also the goals of this application for our client. We incorporated the client’s vision with our insight to come up with ideas for the personas and worked closely with the client to finalize the target audience through this process.


As with any project, some sample sketching is vital in creating a customized product. For this project, we created a sketch and plan of how the application will function on the web on a high level. It is extremely important to understand the flow of the application before diving deep in design especially for this project that includes a lot of complex designs. The sketches were an integral part of our project to clearly design the application before creating the wireframe


The high-fidelity wireframes were created after the low-fidelity wireframes to implement the design aspect of the web app. The wireframes allowed our development team to have a clear idea of what the end result should replicate.


For the development of On Time OR we had to take into account many factors from scalability to security. One of our challenges was adhering to the government’s strict privacy and security regulations when dealing with patients data. The system had to be fully secure and access to patients data could only be provided to authorized users. In addition to that, the data collected in Canadian hospitals had to be stored within Canada and could not be routed through any other country at any point. This is also the case for the United States.

We decided to use Google Cloud Platform as the infrastructure and use Java for the back-end RESTful APIs. Google Cloud Platform provided us with security and scalability we required for this platform and Java had the security standards required for the project. On the front-end we used ReactJS which allowed us to build a modern looking app that provided the nurses and surgeons an easy and intuitive workflow for booking surgeries, viewing waitlists and analytics.

We released the first version of the app in November 2018 and it’s now going through a clinical trial. We are currently working on more features and improvements to On Time OR.

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