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Sahamyab is a Social Trading Platform for stock market. Sahamyab helps its users make better decisions, have smarter trades, doing better market analysis and forecast by providing a comprehensive view of the market through communication between Market Data, News, Social Mining, Technical Analysis, Decision-Making Algorithms, Social learning and dozens of financial, software and other intelligence algorithms. Sahamyab is providing the latest stock market status through tools such as market map, rotational market display, market watch, stock market, technical indicators, comparison of graphs and company price changes, corporation correlation coefficients and indices for investors.


They have had their business since 2013 and approached us in 2018 for optimizing performance of their website and designing and implementing better look dashboards (user and admin), they have had so many visitors and users which their old platform didn’t perform well for this amount of users, regarding that, they need a fast and easy to use website, they also need adding some technical features because they were a social media platform before and they wanted to add online trading features and platform to their website, and ultimately they need a cutting edge mobile app for their new platform.


Before we started this project, we held several sessions where we discussed the business plan, technical requirements, features and user stories of the web app. Since they already had a business model and have identified their problems, target markets, unique value proposition and etc. We deeply understood the business model and risks associated with the project, so we proposed the right solution. Through the sessions, we planned for different phases of the project and came up with estimates for costs and timeline of each phase.


After sketches we moved to creating low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes. We reviewed the wireframes with our client to get their feedback. The wireframes helped us see what the application will need to replicate for the fully-functioning web app.


On the development side for Sahamyab we had to keep in mind the scalability of the platform and security of the data. Keeping companies and users sensitive financial and confidential data secure was our main priority.

We also had to make sure the platform can handle thousands of visitors at the same time and still perform well. At that time Sahamyab held the 20Kth position of Alexa traffic rank in Global, and after optimizing, it reached the position of 2Kth rank by Alexa in Global.

They have used Java 6 for their back-end and we decided to upgrade it to Java 8+ meanwhile by using RESTful APIs we managed to satisfy client needs for integration with other platforms. Java had the security standards required for the project. On the front-end we used Angular which allowed us to build a modern looking app that provided the users an easy and intuitive work flow for trading, sharing their reviews and comments about market, viewing statistics and analytics.

Moreover we used Microservice architecture to handle all featurs and capabilities in the website and add more modularity, scalability and integrability to the platform.

We also used NoSQL databases to handle information of users and their relations, for instance we migrated the social media database to Neo4j for future use of data and their relations in marketing purposes. We moved the analytical data on the InfluxDB time-series database which is optimized for fast, high-availability storage and retrieval of time series data in fields such as operations monitoring, application metrics and real-time analytics.

With these optimizations now their platform has reached this capability which can handle 100K concurrent users without any loss in speed or performance of the platform or website.

Because of the nature of their business we chose to use Progressive Web Application (PWA) technologies in order to build their app, by this way everyone on every platform could use their app easily and intuitively.

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