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Custom Integration

W3 Solutions was using Salesforce as their CRM, but management had an incomplete picture due to a disjointed workflow. Orders were taken from clients, inputted into an in-house portal to track sales, financials and bookkeeping, while Salesforce was being updated separately. The result was missing or forgotten data, with one too many steps to be effective.

A.Y. Technologies created a custom integration, complete with a mobile app to take orders, connect to Salesforce.com and the in-house database. The result is one streamlined, efficient workflow designed to reduce redundancy and capture the complete sales picture.

Systems & Processes Analysis

A review of their existing systems and processes revealed breaks in the flow of data. Orders received with pen and paper would be inputted into an in-house database used for bookkeeping and financials, but unconnected to their CRM, Salesforce.com. The sales team, as a result, were not using Salesforce to its full potential as a result of having to manually enter data in multiple places. The result was a disjointed workflow, decreased efficiency, and an incomplete view of the business.

Custom Workflow Solution

A.Y. Technologies designed a custom workflow solution for the team that would fill the gaps in their processes. The proposed redesign would ensure the integrated flow of information from client meetings in the field, to the in-house database, to their lead tracking salesforce software. Designed to run every 6 hours, management could be sure of the latest information from Salesforce.com every 6 hours maximum.


To implement the designed workflow, we used Visualforce pages and Apex classes to input data from their Microsoft SQL server to Salesforce.com. Because the in-house data model did not exactly match that of Salesforce, we created custom objects in Salesforce and designed a new Visualforce page that exposed fields for those custom objects to edit and add data to them.

Mobile App Component

To further streamline operations, we developed a mobile app for the sales agents to use on location, to input information on clients and orders. Built with Objective C using Xcode, and implemented using iPhones and iPads, all information collected in the field while using the app would be directly uploaded across all platforms using the newly integrated processes.

Learning & Results

The result was a successful integration that reduced redundancies and time spent on data entry. The integrations also gave greater visibility into the sales team, as more accurate reports were able to be generated on complete data.

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