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Sorat Wheels and Tires guides buyers through the vast and sometimes puzzling world of wheel and tire toleration ranges to a specific vehicle make and models. allows the user to create the best product combination to match their budget and preference. Orders are monitored by an in-store specialist to ensure proper fitment.

A.Y. Tech recently redesigned the UI to improve customer experience, migrated the website to an updated version of Magento, and built custom modules to integrate with their CRM.

The website is cleaner, more efficient with shorter load times, and friendlier search features.


We first sketched the architecture of the site, mapping out the categories and subcategories before designing the new UI. We envisioned a UI that would take you through browsing and filtering in a guided, step by step process. By controlling the amount of information presented at any given stage, the UI reduces confusion by removing excess options and filters that aren’t applicable to the current buyer.

Low-Fidelity Mockups & Prototyping

We created low-fidelity wireframes to visualize the new site UI more clearly. We created a layout for each step, putting them together in a single page format. As each step is completed, the next step becomes visible. Below, you can see the entire process in one long, continuous wireframe.

The result is a clear view of site structure, showing all of the filtering steps and what order they are to appear. A clickable prototype was created using these wireframes and Invision, becoming an interactive prototype that simulates the customer journey.

Shop for Wheels

Shop for Tires

High-Fidelity Mockups & Prototyping

We created a high-fidelity mockup to finalize the UI design for the site. The new site was to reflect the clients existing branding while ushering in a new, streamlined shopping experience.

The accent colours reflect the branding for Sorat Wheels Inc. while giving it a bold new look. The categories when selected initiate the step by step buying process. For more seasoned buyers or those searching for a particular item, the step by step guide can be shortcut by using the the menu above, or the search bar on the right.

High fidelity mockup of Sorat Wheels’ homepage

Revisions & Iterations

At this point, to edit previous selections, a user would scroll back upwards to make changes. The UI was subsequently revised to allow for the rapid change of search parameters. The previous steps are collapsed into accordion-like sections, are always visible at a glance, and can be accessed with a click. The search results that are returned below, immediately change to reflect whatever search filters have been selected.

Shopping for wheels by vehicle, selecting a staggered search, and desired wheel sizes.


Based on the Magento E-commerce Platform, the back-end is using Magento as a core, with multiple additional custom modules, system integrations as well as automation tools.

For the front-end, we created a custom theme using Magento’s template engine and continue to develop additional features for the theme using ReactJS.

Learning & Outcomes

One of the more challenging aspects of this project is the array of options when selecting tires or wheels for your vehicle. Buyers can vary so much in their needs, from those simply looking to replace their all-season tires, to enthusiasts wanting to customize every aspect of their wheel and tire purchase.

The challenge was to create a search system that provides both groups with the kind of shopping experience they seek, without compromise. Our result was a guided shopping process that is straight forward and easy to use, but can delve into a multitude of options if the customer is looking for greater customizability.

"My experience working with A.Y. Technologies has been a pleasure and because I’ve had the experience of working with other developers I can say that my expectations have been exceeded in all aspects. I constantly recommend A.Y. Tech to others because they always find ways around software limitations to deliver the product you want. It's great to know that nothing is impossible.”
Shirzad Entezari
Owner of Sorat Wheels

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