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Before you start any project

90% of Product Failures are Avoidable!

Teams often build products without fully understanding what they’re building, or why. The result is thousands (in some cases millions) of dollars wasted developing the wrong product for the wrong market. This contributes to a high percentage of product failures, but you can avoid it!

In the age of technology and speed, we started to devote everything to speed. We are cutting corners to achieve 0.01% more efficiency and deliver our products 10 minutes earlier. While it’s not all bad, this culture is contributing to a lot of issues in developing new products. Many development teams don’t understand their audience, technology, or how best they can manage their project and estimate the costs. The result is time and money wasted building products that need to be rebuilt, or abandoned altogether. The dreaded MVP re-write!

That is why we have a Roadmap Workshop at the start of every project

The Roadmap Workshop

It’s a consultation intensive between our team and yours before development, where we lend our expertise on the tech-driven solution or product you are trying to build. It’s customized to you, so we can get to the heart of the problem you’re trying to solve, estimate your development costs correctly, and help you build the right solution, the first time.
The result is a project that is accurately estimated, thoroughly visualized, prototyped, and tested before a single line of code is ever written.
The Roadmap Workshop is a customized workshop between our team and yours. Typically they are two weeks long, but workshops vary depending on the complexity of your project. Sometimes you might need more time, sometimes less.

“The Roadmap Workshop was excellent. It gave us a better idea of what we wanted to deliver. I’ve already recommended A.Y. Tech’s roadmap workshop several times.”
Rob Stewart
Founder of Rockstart Media

Reduce Risk and Estimate Accurately

Software development firms have been focusing on speed for a long time. As a result, many projects get started so fast, no one has any idea why or what they are building. When you move that fast, you will lose clarity, but if you slow down just a little bit you can see things as they are and estimate accurately. In the end, that will reduce risk and increase the overall effectiveness.

How it works

Roadmap Workshop has 5 stages. Discovery, Product Fit, and Market Analysis, User Stories and MVP Prioritization, Design and Prototyping, User Testing.



During the Discovery Phase, we get to know how your business model works and what you’re trying to achieve with your new product (whether it’s a web app, mobile app, or integration).
We need to fully understand the motivation behind the product and the audience you are building for.


Product Fit and Market Analysis

Here we focus on product/market fit. So many products are built incorrectly for their audiences, or for the wrong audience altogether.
We ask the question, “Is this the right solution to the right problem?”


User Stories & MVP Prioritizing

By describing your product in key “user stories” (A.K.A. Features) our development team can better understand your product’s requirements.
Once we have the complete picture of what it will do, we can prioritize those features for an MVP release and start designing how it will work.


Design & Prototyping

Our design team visualizes your product with prototyping tools to create clickable prototypes that look and behave like the real thing. By visualizing your product, you know exactly what is being built and what to expect.



User Testing

The final stage is to put your clickable prototype into the hands of your target audience. Testing saves time and money by identifying errors or confusion before development when changes are easier to implement.

It’s Risk-Free

If you aren’t happy with the Roadmap Workshop by the end of week one, just let us know and we will refund your money with no questions asked.

“We appreciated A.Y. Tech’s willingness to tackle the challenge with as much vigor as they did. It was a big, unknown task to be performed in a short timeframe and we valued their eagerness in taking it on.”
Matt Toner
CEO of Biba Ventures
Matt Toner CEO of Biba Ventures

Workshop Pricing and Packages

Tier 1

User stories and Technical specs
$ 7,000 Starting from

Tier 2

Low Fidelity Visualization
$ 10,000 Starting from

Tier 3

High Fidelity Visualization
$ 15,000 Starting from

Build your product right, the first time!

After taking our Roadmap Workshop, you will have all the tools you need to build your product right! You can take the plans to any software vendor and get an accurate estimate of your full project.

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