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Improving Communication Between People and Technology

UX Design & Research

The two important characteristics of good design are discoverability and understanding

Creating clear and intuitive experiences requires UX research, observation and understanding. It’s important to us that the end user is given attention at every stage of the design process. We approach projects with the end user in mind every step of the way.

Our strategy minimizes a digital product’s learning curve, ensuring it is optimized for a first time user’s wants and needs. The result is an intuitive interface, offering affordances that communicate functionality effortlessly.

Our UX Design Services

Generative and evaluative UX research

Persona development based on the above research

User journey mapping/customer journey mapping

Information architecture

Low fidelity and high fidelity wire-framing

Clickable prototyping

Visitor Recordings and Analysis

User Interviews and other qualitative evaluations

Quantitative analysis

Ongoing iteration and review

User Interface Design

Blending usability and aesthetics to pixel perfection

Designing intuitive user interfaces requires an understanding of your user, their needs and expectations. Often, these are shaped by previous experiences with objects and other software long before your product reaches them.

For these reasons, understanding UI conventions is crucial to the usability and adoption of a digital product. Effective user interfaces that blend usability with aesthetics are the most impactful and leave lasting impressions on their audiences.

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